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Large Porcelain is leading the industry with the next generation of panels. These innovative large porcelain panels, with state -of- the -art technology, provide the aesthetics of beautiful marble or stone, but contain the durability of porcelain. They are the future solution for walls, floors, countertops, exterior facades, fireplaces, and much more. Large Panels come in different sizes 60"x118" for slabs, 40"x60" large tiles and many more. 


Fat Rock  is one of the few companies certified in the state of California to handle and install large format porcelain panels. Click the F.A.C.T link to see our registration,  

Large Porcelain Panels


   The Pros of Porcelain Panels

  • Absorbs less then 0.5% Moister 

  • Will not stain

  • Will not break

  • No Maintenance

  • Never have to seal it

Drawback of Granite, Marble or Quartz

  • Fade or stain

  • Absorbs 

  • Fragile 

  • Needs Sealer often 

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