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Yuck Carpet! Yay Tile!

Home owner getting rid of old carpet.
You will keep accumulating more and more dust until the carpet is removed

Carpet can be very appealing to the eye especially when you have kids and think about the comfort of it. Going to a friends house you may be thinking “Wow this looks nice,” or “I would love this in my room”. It is best to be informed when thinking of remodeling your home. On your next project there are key factors to consider before making a leap to remodeling. If your carpet is old, it's time to replace it with a safe product.

Everyone likes to see a room with new carpet but with just a couple of months the carpet no longer looks fluffy and nice, it becomes smashed and the wear is noticeable. Even though you are able to make the carpet look clean by vacuuming it, it will not take away all of the grime underneath and you will stay stuck with that grime for as long as the carpet is there. You will keep accumulating more and more dust until the carpet is removed. The carpet will never be 100% clean because the dirt will be embedded in the weave and pattern. Carpet is made of synthetic fibers which contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals release gas for several years, that is why when you enter a store that sells carpet you will get a strong smell of gas/chemicals that are in the carpet fibers. If that wasn’t enough reason to not have carpet imagine getting dust mites on your carpet! When dust mites die and carcasses remain in the carpet this will cause flu-like symptoms such as irritated eyes and runny nose. If you suffer from allergies this can make them even worse. That is why changing to tile flooring can be truly life-changing.

Tile flooring can be life changing because you do not have any hidden grime underneath. When you clean it’s clean for good. This allows people with allergies or other respiratory problems to avoid having extra discomforts caused by carpet. Tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, and mosaic are moisture resistant this is another bonus to having tile. This helps with deterioration and allows for regular floor maintenance. Most spills can just be spot cleaned rather than having to clean the whole area as you would have to with carpet. Tile also allows your home to look spotless clean because of the quickness of cleaning it. Tile also has a wider variety in patterns and designs that allows you to achieve the exact look that you want in your home. You don't have to worry about getting a light color and thinking it will look dirty such as a carpet would be ruined with the smallest spill if not cleaned immediately. Tile allows customers to choose a design they truly want. Once tile is installed dirt and bacteria are not able to penetrate through the tile. Having tile in your home is the best decision you can make for you and your family. You can rest assured that no hidden bacteria will affect your family. You can go to sleep and wake up knowing that you have made the perfect choice.

Therefore, being informed on the potential dangers of carpet can help you avoid an unsafe environment. Making sure that carpet is up to par takes a lot of deep cleaning that realistically is not able to be performed every single day that something is spilled. The best decision maker should always be informed when making a big update in their home.

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