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Remodels or Disasters

Looking to remodel your home or trying to fix a small issue? There is a huge difference between cheap labor and affordable labor. A big mistake that most homeowners or businesses make is finding cheap labor. This issue leads customers to inexperienced and uncertified labor. Cheap labor can be a true gamble because customers never know what type of work they will get and if something goes wrong there is no warranty. Going with a company that is full of knowledge and certification is the first step to making sure that the work that will be done will last years giving the customer peace of mind. There's nothing like having work done and knowing that you have the ability to call back the company and know that you are covered, as with a jack of all trades there is no guarantee whatsoever.

There is a plague in the construction industry of jack of all trades, that makes many customers tempted to hire them to do their tile or even full remodels because who doesn’t want to save big bucks right? The problem with hiring a jack of all trades is that they are not truly knowledgeable in the trade and instead of saving big bucks customers end up spending twice their original budget. Jobs are left incomplete because of the lack of knowledge on the requirements and measurements needed to complete the work. There is no way that these jack of all trades will ever go back to fix the work simply because they do not know how. They are also not informed on state requirements or codes. Jack of all trades are not certified or even qualified in the state of California to fully prepare or install tile by the C-54 Code Requirements. It is detrimental for all work to be done by code because that is the only way you will expand the durability of the tile.

An example of why it is so important to go by code is that if tile is installed without the right foundation it can cause mold. We had a very angry homeowner call us to fix their bathroom because the handyman they had hired was not C-54 certified and did not install the right foundation allowing water to go through to the wood. The Aqua Bar Water and Mildew Resistant was not set up between the wood and tile which works as a barrier between the wood and the cement shielding the wood from any water damage. This barrier is by code to be installed in a horizontal format and overlap from the bottom up in order for the barrier to work as it should, someone who is not certified would never know something like this which is why the customer should always seek certified professionals.

Another misconception that is presented in the tile trade is that there are several local home improvement stores that offer installation services at an extremely low price. Customers are blinded by the extremely low price that they let these stores guide them through a rocky road. Most of these stores use workers that are presented as qualified professionals but most of them are individuals that do not have a C-54 license. This is a huge difference from a local city handyman business license. This license is the only guarantee of exceptional work. We receive several calls a month of customers who are very unhappy and frustrated with work that is left undone or work that has gone terribly wrong. Customers are left feeling robbed of their time and money. The amount of calls we get from customers saying that local home improvement stores or handyman have screwed up their bathrooms is insane.

Fat Rock, Inc. guarantees all installation work to be performed according to the C-54 Ceramic Tile & Stone ANSI CODE Practice, and warrants the installation process to be correct. Here at Fat Rock, Inc., we are so confident with our work that we offer a warranty for up to a year from the date of installation. Our twelve-month warranty covers any cracked tiles or grout, sometimes it might crack if a new poured concrete is settling and the fracture membrane was applied too thin, in any case, where we are responsible for faulty installation we will then offer a warranty. Like most tile companies we do not offer any warranty for any natural causes like a fire or earthquake. Warranty is not applied if, for example, a homeowner tries to break a lump of frozen meat at the edge of the countertop and the countertop ends of breaking (yes, we have gotten these types of callbacks).

We are very content with the work that we provide for our customers and take ownership in saying that not only do our workers have a certification but are also knowledgeable and very passionate in all the jobs they are presented. They have a strong drive in what they do and love what they do. This allows Fat Rock, Inc. to sell jobs and ensure that all our customers are happy not only with the end result but with the whole experience overall.

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