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Treasuring Your Home With Small Upgrades

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Finding the right company can be very complex and stressful, here at Fat Rock, Inc. we make it very easy with a five-star rating.

Most standard cement grouts need maintenance from time to time.
Most grouts are difficult to clean specially in kitchens behind the stove.

We assure the process goes very smoothly from start to finish and make our customers feel comfortable. We go to homes and commercial buildings and listen to customer needs before anything. That is our number one priority. Before giving our customers prices we make sure to inform them of options they may have in order to ensure that they get the most out of their money and assure that they feel positive that Fat Rock, Inc.  will fulfill what they are looking for. One of our services of many is doing grout repairs. Grout repairs allow your home to look like new from inside and out with small adjustments.

Grout is primarily cement based. Although it is primarily cement there are several types of grouts that can be used based on customer requests, and locations. Tiling cement can be both unsanded and sanded. Depending on the location if it is needed for a delicate surface or a more rough surface. The most popular is acrylic based grouts because it is stain resistant. Acrylic grout can work in several environments if the grout repair is indoor where there is marble tile located this grout is perfect because it is an unsanded type of grout. Unsanded grout is finer and allows for a smoother finish. If the grout that is being used is sanded it will cause the tile to become scratched because it contains finely ground silica sand. Lastly, this type of grout is exceptional because it can also be used for outdoors and in showers. It is very durable and has a long life span of ten to twenty-five years. Another type of grout is Epoxy grout which is used primarily for commercial buildings. An example of this would be if the grout repair was in a hospital or a restaurant. The reason epoxy grout is used in commercial buildings is for sanitary purposes because it is bacteria free and chemical resistant. Although these types of grouts are very resistant and durable they still need to be maintained in order to extend the durability.

Although moving into a new home can be very exciting you might notice that your tile needs grout repairs because of cracking and staining. Some houses have been around for a while and need more repairing than others. Although you can put new grout on old grout it is not recommended because the job will be less than satisfactory. The lifespan of the grout will be extended if the old grout is removed. Old grout can be removed using a tool called Bosch multi-tool and then using a triangular grout removal tool to scrape the rest out. Although it sounds easy it can be tedious depending on where the grout will be removed. Grout will last for generations but the porous nature of grout makes is susceptible to hard water and mildew. If there is only a small area of grout crumbling you are able to fix the problem without scraping all the grout out and removing every grout line and starting over.

At Fat Rock, Inc.  we take pride in grout repairs because we have the best workers around. We are a very dedicated company to ensure that our customers are always satisfied and happy with the results. We never have call backs and take ownership in all of our work.

"Grout repairs allow your home to look like new from inside and out with small adjustment."

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