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The Wonders of Tile in Your Bathroom

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

As a homeowner when remodeling my bathroom I came across more than what I was looking to bargain with. I was overwhelmed with all the selections I was being offered and realized it wasn’t only about how the tile looked but also the texture, material, and how well the tile resisted to water. After going through this experience I decided to inform customers before they decide to go out looking for tile for their bathroom. This will allow our customers to feel informed and have their feet in the water regarding what tile material to choose.

Porcelain tile is one of the best tile choices for showers because it is made from a finer clay and heated at a higher temperature than other tiles. It contains less clay and more feldspar (a mineral) and pressed at a higher temperature which allows the tile to have a higher breaking strength. Therefore, it makes it harder, more durable, and less porous than regular tile. Porcelain tile will absorb less water than other types of ceramic tiles. Due to its incredibly low water absorption rate, porcelain tile stains less and you are able to clean it much easier than any other tile. Since porcelain tile is low maintenance there is no need for waxing, polishing, or sealing. This allows you to simply mop your tile or wipe with a damp cloth. This is great to know when choosing the best tile for your shower because you want the greatest quality and the most durable. Another great concept of choosing porcelain tile is that it is offered in a wide range of variety from different sizes to different designs. Porcelain tile has greater design flexibility. Knowing this will allow you to feel confident in your decision. Customers will not have to worry about the tile being ruined or having to buy expensive products to keep it looking nice.

If you are drawn to color and texture, ceramic tile is a great choice as it delivers on both fronts. Ceramic tile is also a good choice when you are a little under budget when it comes to remodeling. What it lacks in strength is made up for in price. Another aspect to look and think about when choosing the best tile for your bathroom can be dimension, since ceramic tile often has texture this would be a great choice. Traditional ceramic tile is non-porcelain and made from white, red, and or brown clay and minerals. Buying ceramic tile with a durable finish can make a huge impact when choosing your choice of tile because it will allow you to clean it easily. Ceramic tile can be cleaned easily with mild home detergents. Although ceramic tile is a good choice for bathrooms it can get cold in the winter because of its low heat resistance. This is not a big issue and can be fixed by installing mats and rugs in the bathroom. Ceramic tile is handmade which means there will be slight irregularities that add character and an artisanal feel.

Glass tile is another alternative when selecting a tile for your shower. Using glass tile is great when you have a small restroom as it reflects light and makes the room look brighter for a longer period of time. Glass tile is extremely versatile and will look nice in relatively any room. It will always look like a true masterpiece with all the different ways you can set it up. A way to save on glass tile is to remember that it can easily be shaped so it could just be bought in bulk rather than buying individual tile pieces. Glass can easily be customized to your needs. Depending on the type of finish that you want for your restroom glass can add a nice glossy and smooth finish to your bathroom. This is a different option that you can obtain rather than with other traditional dull finishes. Although some glass tiles can be slippery opting for mosaic sizes with a matte finish will allow for a non-slippery surface. It also allows for a beautiful visual appeal. Glass tile is transparent, ergo, unlike other material, the beautiful color you pick out will show all the way through the tile. In addition, this will provide dimension and depth to your tile.

Lastly when choosing a type of tile for your bathroom stone is one of the worst choices available and we as an honorable company, that wants the best for our customers would not recommend it. There are several types of stone such as granite, sandstone, travertine, onyx, and marble. Stone with no doubt is very beautiful and a true piece of art but when it comes to keeping up with it and having to clean it every time after a shower/bath. The bathroom will start to look discolored just after a few months if not maintained properly. One of the worst problems with stone is that it starts to get mold in between the stones and under the silicone edges. The best way to have the shower to stay intact or almost intact is to power wash it once a year and also seal it once a year. Also, it will have to be cleaned with a nylon brush daily. But even after daily cleaning customers will struggle to keep it clean.

All in all, choosing the right company will determine what type of experience customers will have when choosing the right tile for their bathroom. We are a team of professionals that know what we are doing and know exactly what tile will work best for your wants and needs. Here at Fat Rock, Inc.  we can assure you that you will have a stress free experience and we will guide you and inform you along the way.

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