Back in the 1960's father and grandfather baked brick and terra-cotta tiles for local contractors in the famous Piedra Gorda (Fat Rock Hills) near Nuevo Puerto Vallarta. As the demand grew and trends kept evolving, original founder Cuco Topete (gramps) took on the general construction business and therefore opened Fat Rock Home Builders. 

In 1985 our dear gramps past away so it was time for the second oldest son of all 15 siblings  co-founder Arturo Topete (our father) to take on the business as CEO. He  then tought his boys the secret skills of brick making, home building, and tile installations. 


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In honor of our Legacy, Fat Rock continues to deliver  high quality installations. For all our home Improvement projects we guide our customers step by step whether its a bigger project or a small repair. We make sure they get the most out of every penny spent. To learn more about your next home improvement project please read our blogs under the Fat Rock Cafe Tab...

For our commercial projects we offer highly competitive prices and always get he job done in time. Our company has maintain a 5 STAR RATING and won multiple awards for ValuePunctuality, and Responsiveness

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