Back in the 1950's  grandfather Refugio Cuco Topete founded a brick making factory located in the famous Piedra Gorda (Fat Rock Hills) near Nuevo Puerto Vallarta Mexico. As the demand grew and trends kept evolving, Cuco  also took on general construction and build homes with own fat rock made bricks, terra-cotta tiles, and adobe.  

In 1985 our dear gramps past away so it was time for  second oldest son Arturo Topete (our father) to take charge as head of the business. He then taught us the secret skills of brick making, home building, and tile installations. 

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In honor of our Legacy Fat Rock continues to deliver high quality installations combining old school secrets and modern techniques. Don’t just tile it, Fat Rock Inc it! This is what we are most known for; We’ll make the process really easy from start to finish, Fast, great customer service, fair prices, best quality, and above all transparency.

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