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If you have stain, loose, crack, mold, crumbling grout, tile, or stone, then its time for an improvement.

Kitchens, bathrooms, floors,  interior or exterior we can help.Click here for a free estimate. 


Retail, Restaurants, Multi Family Complex, Apartments, and more. Fat Rock has the best elite installers on the team to take on any commercial projects. Click here to add us to your bidding list.

Over the years we have worked side by side with some of the finest designers to create unique and outstanding custom tile patterns for all custom needs. Click here to submit your plans.

Back in the 1960's father and grandfather baked brick and terra-cotta tiles for local contractors in the famous Piedra Gorda (Fat Rock Hills) near Nuevo Puerto Vallarta.......Keep learning about us


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Fat Rock, Inc. is one of the few companies certified in the state of California to handle and install large format porcelain panels. Click the F.A.C.T link below to see our registration, and browse our LARGE PANELS Tab to learn more about this top notch industry leader tycoon. 


Lic# 1056121

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